Our Services


 Our services are personalized to the individual needs and concerns of the client and may include:

Pre-Move Preparation

  • We help you determine which belongings to take.
  • We work with you to sort through closets, attics and garages.
  • We help you dispose of unneeded items through sale, auction or charitable donation.
  • We can create a floor plan of your new residence to determine which pieces of furniture will fit.


  • We provide all packing material, boxes and bubble wrap. 
  • Whether it is a $2.00 thirty-year-old wedding cake ornament or a cherished Lladro, our experienced staff packs each item with care.


  • We can arrange for a mover or work with a mover of your choice. 
  • We oversee the mover on “Move Day”. 
  • While the mover is loading the truck, we clean your old residence so it is ready for sale or moving in by the new owner. 
  • We empty your refrigerator and freezer and transport your perishables to their new location. 
  • We arrange for shipping your belongings to family members. 
  • We arrange for shipment of your car.

Getting Your New Home Ready

  • We can help you decorate your new home. 
  • We can shop for you for needed items. 
  • Whether it is painting, new blinds, electrical or plumbing work, we can arrange and supervise it all.


  • We handle all the administrative tasks related to relocating. 
  • We forward your mail and magazine subscriptions. 
  • We notify the utility companies and make the required changes to service. 
  • We cancel or change your newspaper subscription.

Getting Your Former Home Ready for Sale

  • We sort through your household items and furniture and empty the residence according to your wishes. 
  • We clean, update and/or fix your home to get it ready for sale. 
  • We refer painters, electricians, contractors, professional cleaning services, real estate agents and attorneys who specialize in working with seniors.
  • We supervise and direct the work.

Unpacking & Organizing

  • We unpack every box and organize your entire residence. 
  • Everything – furniture, personal items, clothes, dishes, linens and food – is put in its place. 
  • We plug in the phones and set the clocks. 
  • We set-up your computer system. 
  • We even make the bed! 
  • We dispose of all boxes and packing material.

Many times our clients have years of accumulated items that make packing and cleaning a taunting chore.  A Move Made Easy can sort the items and salvage anything of value and dispose of the rest. 



A Move Made Easy prepares the house by having it cleaned and any necessary repairs or maintenance performed.  This increases the value of the property and helps shorten the selling cycle.